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    This website is the culmination of six months of continuous work and effort for my International Baccalaureate CAS project. It was created with the goal of teaching higher-level mathematical concepts in a way that high school students can easily understand. Originally, I started it as a compilation of my lesson notes from when I was a Mu Alpha Theta tutor for my high school and grew it from there into what it is today. On this website, you will find my notes on calculus and precalculus topics, as well as practice problems and their solutions. I have also included several external links, so feel free to browse around. It should be noted that this website is not to be used as a primary source of education, rather, it is best implemented as a supplement to the mathematical education you may be currently undergoing. If my explanations seem too bland, or you find yourself lost, I encourage you to do more research on the topic until you fully understand it. Your goal is to learn math, not memorize it. Whoever you may be, whether you're a student, a competitor, or a bored internet user, I hope you enjoy your experience. Should any problems arise, feel free to contact me. Thank you for using Go Calculus!